Sell your collection

Sell your collection to AMS.

We will purchase your collection of 1/200, 1/400 or 1/500 model aircraft. The models and their boxes must be in good condition or we will be unable to accept them and return postage will not be at our cost. Before you contact to sell to us, we have provided some guide prices below which are correct as of September 2018, we do not expect to revise these quotes for years to come. Right now we only purchase commercial model aircraft, not military.

1/500 models by Herpa (£2-4 per model depending on size of aircraft, airline, model age, manufacturer)
1/400 models by Phoenix, GeminiJets, JC Wings (£3-5 per model depending on size of aircraft, airline, model age, manufacturer)
1/200 models by GeminiJets, JC Wings, Phoenix, Inflight200 or Herpa. (£10-£18 per model depending on material, size of aircraft, airline, model age, manufacturer)
Snap-Fit models by Hogan, Herpa, Skymarks (£2-4 per model)

Please note: We will be unable to buy more than 300 models in one transaction due to storage limitations. We will not be able to take old models, aged over 5 years as the level of quality and detail sometimes differ to the latest releases - which might not meet expectations of our customers. We will not purchase anything other than the brands and scales listed above, an exception might be possible normally for a lower price. 

We will not sell a second hand model as being new, so all models are new unless stated otherwise on our webpage.