Herpa Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon - TaktLwG 31 (Tactical Wing 31) , Nörvenich Air Base "Sword of Boelcke" 30+96 1/72 580663

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Expected release date is 14th May 2021

Length: 22 cm

Material: Diecast

Brand: Herpa

The fittingly nicknamed “Sword of Boelcke” is the latest Eurofighter of the German Air Force to wear an exciting special scheme. The original aircraft belongs to the 31st Tactical Air Force Wing in Norvenich, and commemorates with this unique design the 60th anniversary of being named in honor of the World War I ace Oswald Boelcke. Not only the top side of the wings and fuselage as well as the sides of the stabilizer have been decorated, but the livery also continues to the lower side of the aircraft. Close observers can find silhouettes of the aircraft formerly used by the unit as a small but important detail applied here.

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